On the President’s statement on the abolition of the pork barrel

I welcome the response of the President on the pork barrel issue. It’s time to break down the system of patronage and dynastic politics. Through this, let us intensify the creation of transparent mechanisms for services to truly reach the people. 

We are faced with a comprehensive issue that cannot be solved by the abolition of the pork barrel alone. The path that we must tread in order to move forward is the reform of the budget system in a way that will guarantee the equitable distribution of resources, especially for the poorest provinces. No one must be left behind.

Dinagat is among the provinces which has been left behind in terms of share in our government resources. We have used our PDAF in Dinagat to fund the needs of our constituents. We have allocated funds for scholarships as well as for emergency and medical assistance. National government agencies should ensure that resources are allocated to address these needs of the people in our district.

In time, we must consider shifting to a parliamentary form of governance where the Executive and Legislative are one in implementing programs for the people that go hand in hand with crafting laws that will uplift the marginalized.

At this point, we are called to rally behind the clamor for change. Para sa bag-ong kaugmaon, padayon!

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